Mixing and Mastering Rates

All of my services include a simple and easy flat rate, so you don't have to worry about paying by the hour. If you'd like to discuss pricing for a full length project such as album or EP, please contact me for a custom quote. Each package also includes two free revisions and you own 100% of the rights.


Standard Mix - $100

This package includes a professional mixing service. 

  • Strategic EQ to add clarity
  • Tasteful Compression to add energy and punch to the mix
  • Panning and widening of your mix
  • Proper gain staging for headroom
  • Creative effects such as reverb, delay, etc.

Advanced mix - $150

This package includes everything in the standard mix package plus editing.

  • All services included in the Standard Mix Package
  • Vocal automation for consistent vocals throughout the mix
  • Instrument tightening and noise removal
  • Pitch correction to enhance vocals


pro mastering - $35

This package includes a professional mastering service.

  • Customized EQ and Compression for energy and clarity in the mix
  • Stereo widening
  • Warm saturation and harmonics for a crisp high end
  • Commercial standard volume level
  • Data tagging for artist information